Order and Change

Standardised motifs are articulated introducing complexity in their spatial ordering. The motifs are derived from geometric shapes which, in these paintings, represent ‘order’.   Fibonacci and other ordering sequences are used to create series of sequences in the organisation of the different structures. This is constructed in a way that is not immediately obvious while adhering to non-geometric but rules based organisation, enabling unpredictable spatial readings.

Eye Dazzler

aquacryl on panel

120 x 120 cms

‘Eye Dazzler’ permutates an element according to a set of rules that determine both ordering and colour. 


tempera and oil glazing on gesso

20 x 20 cms excluding the frame

Jewel II

tempera and oil glazing on gesso

20 x 20 cms

Cyclical sequences order the forms in these artworks. Changes are introduced by superimposing independently structured colour arrangements, which also serve as the starting point for ideas relating to Order and Change.

Fiorentina explores luminosity through colour. In other artworks transparency refracts and reveals surfaces.


tempera on gesso

70 x 70 cms


tempera on gesso

50 x 50 cms