About Reiko Kubota

Born: Tokyo, Japan

Currently lives and works in London

Viewers will be located within a space that is both upon and beyond the surface when looking at these paintings in real life. Exploring new methods of constructing forms and ways of inventing with materials deeply rooted in the history of painting, I create images which, while non-referential, are also based on the experiences of things seen. The work is a crystallization of the observed world presented in forms which seek to distil the essence of those visual stimuli.


2019 `Watashi no Madeleine (memories of my madeleine)`

Shoyeido Kunjyukan, Kyoto, JAPAN

2018 ‘Natsukashii - Doftminnen’

Wanås Konst, Knislinge, SWEDEN

2017 ‘Natsukashii – souvenirs olfactifs a(p)portés’

Maison du Japon, La Cité Internationale Unisersitaire de Paris, FRANCE

2017 ‘時の散歩 – Petite Balade’

FORUM Kyoto, Kyoto, JAPAN

2016 Saturation Point 'The five year anniversary'

Saturation Point, London, UK


2010 ‘Intangible Spaces’

Aisho Miura Arts, Tokyo, JAPAN

2009 'Identity'

Aisho Miura Arts, Tokyo, JAPAN

2009 ‘Polyluminous Imaging’ The 28th Japanese Psychonomic Society Conference

Japan Women’s University, Tokyo, JAPAN


2006 Gallerie Emilia Suciu

Etlingen, GERMANY

2004 Prince's Drawing School

Shoreditch, London, UK

2003 'War and Peace'

Flowers Central Gallery, London, UK


2002 'Voyage'

Flowers East Gallery, London, UK

2002 'Kompakt, Konkret, Konstruktiv'

Galerle Sztuki Wspolczesnej MNS; Museum Narodowego, Szczecin, POLAND

2001 'Small is Beautiful'

Flowers East Gallery, London, UK


2000 'Coloured Thoughts'

Slade Gallery, University College London, UK

2000 Mondiale Echo's

Mondriaanhuis, Amersfoort, HOLLAND

2000 'Kompakt, Konkret, Konstruktiv'

Dringenberg, GERMANY


1999 'Chronologic'

Gallery Art, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

1999 'Pure Abstract Art'

Mondriaanhuis, Amersfoort, HOLLAND

1999 'Constructive Art in Europe'

Galerie Emilia Suciu, Etlingen, GERMANY


1999 Summer Exhibition

Stephen Lacey Gallery, London, UK

1998 The Attlee Foundation Charity Exhibition

The Royal College of Art, London, UK

1998 Contemporary Art Exhibition

Stephen Lacey Gallery, London, UK


1998 Galerie Emilia Suciu

Etlingen, GERMANY

1997 'Immerzeit'


1996 'Translations'

Norwich Gallery, Norwich, UK
Reed's Wharf Gallery, London, UK


1996 'JubiläumsausstelIung der Galerie 1986 bis 1996'

ACP Viviane Ehrli Galerie, Zurich, SWITZERLAND

1995 ‘IDAC - Konkrete Kunst International’

Museum ‘t Coopmanshuis Franeker


1994 'Whitechapel Open’

Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, UK


1993 "AspectsActuellesde laMouvance Construit InternationaleEditions-Magazines'

Centrede la Gravure et deI'lmage Imprimée, La Louviere, BELGIUM

1994 ‘IDAC - Konkrete Kunst International’

Wilhelm-Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen, GERMANY

1993 'Partners'

Annely Juda Fine Art, London, UK


1991 'Art Construct'

Basel Kunstmesse, SWITZERLAND

1991 ‘IDAC - Konkrete Kunst International'

Zoetermeer, HOLLAND

1991 ‘A Second Perspective'

Leighton House, London, UK