Of Another Space

I am interested in exploring higher spatial dimensions which are conceived to exist although we cannot have direct experience of them. I am visualising a world beyond the conventional physical dimensions of space within which we exist, which also embraces notions of alternative time and space.

Of Another Space

tempera and oil glazing on gesso

diptych, 91 x 61cms (36’’ x 24’’) x 2 panels

Archaeological Painting - I

tempera and oil glazing on gesso

40 x 40 cms

In these artworks I present visualisations of spaces which would otherwise only exist as an idea or concept, to create images of a higher dimensional world by threading shapes and forms through spaces that, while they exist within the space defined by the picture’s edge, can yet appear to exist beyond its surface boundaries.

A Space Beyond

pigment in glue size and gold leaf, Japanese paper on panel

70 x 70 cms x 4 panels

Lights and Reflections

Both ‘Yukimi’ and ‘Sky Tree’ depict my experience of looking up into the sky with light filtering through and reflecting upon surfaces – of trees, leaves, etc. – the reflection being expressed by light reflected from gold leaf.


pigment in size and gold leaf, Japanese paper on panel

120 x 80 cms

Sky Tree

pigment in glue size, tempera, gold leaf and oil glazing on gesso in mahogany frame

diptychi, 60 x 60 cms each excluding the frames

Beyond the Surface

‘Beyond the surface’ is a theme which has sustained me through my journey in pursuit of a creative identity.

Beyond the Surface

oil glazing on gesso

140 x 140 cms

A series of paintings on the theme of ‘Beyond the Surface’, exploring the depth of the pictorial world beyond the surface of paintings.

Many of my paintings are experiments simultaneously encapsulating a number of different ideas.